Drinking Water SeriesRO 6 Reverse Osmosis System

Everything You Need. Nothing You Do not.

Water is our most important resource. It aids internal functions such as digestion and cell growth, optimizes muscle performance, and keeps our skin looking fresh. Water is critical for our well-being, and it’s essential that we replenish our bodies with it every day.

The RO 6 Drinking Water System is NSF certified to remove lead and other dangerous contaminants from your water. It uses existing household pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane. Impurities larger than the pore size of the membrane cannot pass through, trapping bacteria, viruses, parasites, lead, inorganic chemicals, pesticides, and algae within its filtration cartridges. After the water passes through the 5-stage filtration process, a 6th process adds beneficial minerals back into the water. The clean drinking water then flows to the storage tank and faucet; providing you with a continuous supply of sparkling, great tasting water.


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