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Kent 4.0 High-Efficiency Water Softening System

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"Showing you the softer side of life"


Along with your home and family, you consider the conservation of our earth's resources to be very important. We carry these same values and that's why we have developed our elements high-efficiency Kent 4.0 water softening system. Our high-efficiency systems use advanced calculations and the highest quality media and components to minimize water and salt usage while maximizing cleaning capacity per regeneration. Over the life of the softener, this translates into using less water and salt. With an elements high-efficiency Kent 4.0 series water softener you will eliminate the negative effects of hard water and iron throughout your home, decrease household expenses by lowering your water bill and purchasing less salt, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.


Give your family and home quality water while preserving our earth's resources.

Kent Water's Promise

Pure Water

Cleaner Home, Dishes, & Clothes

Soft & Healthy Skin

Lower Utility Bill

Enjoying Clean Water

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