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Kent Salt-Free Water Softener

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Kent Salt-Free Water Softener systems are an environmentally-friendly alternative to salt-based water softening systems. They are salt-free, and chemical-free, and use no electricity to condition supply water. They are ideal for residential and light commercial applications
where traditional soft water is not permitted.

Salt-free systems from Kent Water use a high-quality, anti-scale media that keeps essential minerals in water to maintain taste but changes the properties of minerals that become hardness scale via NAC processes so they do not attach to plumbing, fixtures, and appliances. Continuous upflow operation eliminates the need for backwash and regeneration processes.

For the media to work to its maximum potential, there are water quality parameters that need to be adhered to. Confirm that the levels of iron (Fe) are less than 0.5 mg/L,
manganese (Mn) less than 0.05 mg/L, and copper less than 1.3 mg/L. Public water supplies rarely present a problem; you can check with your municipality to verify the water quality is under these levels. If you have a private well, have the water tested by a certified water specialist to verify the levels of each contaminant.

Kent Water's Promise

Pure Water

Cleaner Home, Dishes, & Clothes

Soft & Healthy Skin

Lower Utility Bill

Enjoying Clean Water

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