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Bluefilters RO 6 Reverse Osmosis System

An advanced 6-stage filtration system with added minerals.

Starts from: $12.99 per month*

* For a period of 144 months. Price includes installation and after-sales service for the entire duration.

Note that products can also be purchased in one complete payment.

Bluefilters RO 6 Reverse Osmosis Systems perform the dual function of cleaning water and remineralizing it to add back any nutritious element that may have been washed off during the removal of impurities. With the use of pressure water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane. Impurities and contaminants such as viruses, parasites, bacterias, lead, pesticides, and algae get trapped out and flushed through the drain in the first five stages of cleaning. The clean water is then remineralized in the sixth stage of RO, providing good tasting water to the storage tank, faucet, and eventually your glasses.


  • 6-stage system; 5 filtration stages and 1 re-mineralizing stage

  • Easy installation for greater convenience

  • Easy replacement with quick change filter cartridges 

  • Pre-Filter Service Capability: 2000 gal.

  • RO Membrane Service Capacity: 8,000-20,000 gal


  • Height : 17″

  • Width : 13.5″

  • Depth : 5.5″

  • Working Feed Pressure : 40 – 87 psi

  • Working Temperature : 40° F – 100° F (4.4° C – 38° C)

  • Pre-Filter Service Capability : 2000 gal.

  • RO Membrane Service Capacity : 8,000-20,000gal.

  • R0 Pore Size : 0.0001micron

  • Flow Rate : 0.5 gpm

  • Heavy Duty Sediment Pre-Filter (Stage I) : Removes large particles such as scale, rust, dirt, and sand

  • Activated Carbon Filter (Stage II) : Reduces organic molecules, chlorine

  • Sediment and Activated Carbon Filter (Stage III) : Removes dust and particles from the activated carbon to help preserve the RO membrane

  • RO Membrane Filter (Stage IV) : Filters out all particles larger than 0.0001 micron

  • Post RO Activated Carbon Filter (Stage V) : Eliminates any remaining chlorine and organic molecules

  • Mineralizing Cartridge (Stage VI) : Replaces essential minerals

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