Bluefilters UF 5 Ultra-Filtration System

The 5-stage filtration system ideal for any house.

Starts from: $10.99 per month*

* For a period of 144 months. Price includes installation and after-sales service for the entire duration.

Note that products can also be purchased in one complete payment.


  • Zero wastage with on-demand water.

  • Bluefilters UF 5 drinking water systems treat water for all impurities to bring to your sink on demand odor-free, better tasting, clear water.

  • The five unique stages of filtration work towards removing impurities like dirt, organic molecules, chlorine, as well as heavy metals that have a direct impact on the taste and smell of water.

  • After filtration of all particles larger than 0.01 micron, the final stage involves activating water with infrared rays to increase the absorption of minerals, which benefits your immune system.

  • Helps promote better hydration.

  • Improves energy levels.

  • Flushes toxins from your body.

  • Your coffee and food tastes better.

  • BPA free


  • Clear first stage cartridge for easy identification of replacement needs

  • Enclosed cartridges for fast and tidy replacement

  • Heavy Duty Sediment Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon KDF Cartridge, Ultra-Filtration Cartridge, and Inline Activated Carbon Cartridge

  • Bio-Ceramic Resonator Cartridge to activate water with infrared rays

  • Top-quality filters and media for longer cartridge life

  • Pre-Filter Service Capability: 2900 gal.

  • UF Membrane Service Capacity: 2900 gal.


  • Height: 16.75″

  • Width : 12.75″

  • Depth: 3.5″

  • Working Feed Pressure: 40 – 87 psi

  • Working Temperature: 40° F – 100° F (4.4° C – 38° C)

  • Pre-Filter Service Capability: 2900 gal.

  • UF Membrane Service Capacity: 2900 gal.

  • UF Pore Size : 0.01 – 0.05 micron

  • Bio-Ceramic Capacity: 12 months

  • Flow Rate: 1 gpm

  • Heavy Duty Sediment Pre-Filter (Stage I): Removes large particles such as scale, rust, dirt, and sand

  • Activated Carbon KDF Cartridge (Stage II): Reduces organic molecules, chlorine, and heavy metals

  • Ultra-Filtration Cartridge (Stage III): Filters out all particles larger than 0.01 micron

  • Inline Activated Carbon Cartridge (Stage IV): Eliminates organic molecules that affect taste

  • Bio-Ceramic Resonator Cartridge (Stage V): Infrared rays activate water for increased absorption

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