Chlorine/Chloramine Removal System

Our all-in-one solution for removing organic & inorganic compounds.

Starts from: $19.99 per month*

* For a period of 144 months. Price includes installation and after-sales service for the entire duration.

Note that products can also be purchased in one complete payment.

Kent Water's Chlorine/Chloramine Removal System brings to your doorstep, a cost-effective and high-quality water treatment solution. Chlorine is added to water in order to kill bacteria. However, a high level of chlorine/chloramine may result in health and skin issues.


  • The POE (point of entry) systems trap chlorine and chloramine using activated coconut shells or catalytic carbon media, food grade quality, thus preventing harmful substances that pose many health risks.

  • Removal of chloramines prevents any lead discharge from the pipes as well as metal corrosion.

  • Improves the taste of water as there is no strong odor.

  • Suitable for drinking.

  • Reduces conditions of dry and itchy skin.

  • The high flow rates cater to residential needs and even light commercial applications.

  • Low to nil  maintenance costs.


  • Display: Bright, easy to read LCD display

  • Functions:  7 advanced programming options with fully adjustable cycles to minimize water usage during regeneration. Up-flow regeneration for speedy and efficient washes off the media, and exchange of more grains per pound of salt

  • Industry-trusted catalytic/activated carbon media

  • Available in co-current, counter-current, and backwash options

  • Optional In/Out valve

  • Long-term memory for program functions

  • 72-hour memory backup

  • No requirement for external PLC for multiple control heads and external devices

  • 3 language options: English, French, and Spanish



  • Size: 9x48, 10x44, 10x54, 12x52

  • Max Flow Rate: 6 to 12 gpm depending on the size.

  • Media Backwash Rate: 1 to 4 gpm gal depending on the size.

  • Grains Exchanged Per Lb.: 3,624.0


  • Transformer Input: 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz

  • Transformer Output: 12VDC / 2A

  • Water Pressure: 20-120 psi

  • Water Temperature: 35°F - 125° F

  • pH Level: 7.5 ± 0.5

Control Valve Parameters:

  • Inlet: 1"

  • Outlet: 1"

  • Drain: 3/4 NPT 1/2" Barbed

  • Brine: 3/8"

  • Base: 2.5" - 8NPSM

  • Riser Tube: 32mm

  • Hard Water Bypass: Yes


  • Valve Material: ABS Plastic

  • Tank Material: Fiberglass

  • Valve Height From Top Of Tank: 7" / 180mm

  • Meter Accuracy: ±5%

  • Clock: 12- or 24- hour

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