RevV4 Twin Demand Water Softening System

A twin-valve system that could deliver continuous soft water leveraging both valves.

Kent Water's RevV4 Twin Demand Softening Systems provide continuous soft water using a 3-way ball valve that keeps one valve on standby. The softening systems ensure continuous soft water without any waste as the valves regenerate water only when the other reaches its full capacity. The valves are designed to handle high flow rates ideal for light commercial applications. They can also be used for homes with large families. These systems feature innovative, abrasion, and corrosion resistant patented ceramic discs for ultimate performance and a significant reduction in maintenance costs.


  • Material: High-quality Purolite® crosslink resin

  • Display: Bright, easy to read LCD display. Signal output for external devices, program functions in long-term memory

  • Functions: 7 advanced programming options with completely adjustable cycles. Multiple, programmable efficiency settings; grains exchanged per lb. of salt. Up-flow regeneration for speedy and efficient washes off the media, and exchange of more grains per pound of salt

  • 72-hour memory backup and long-term memory for program functions

  • No requirement for external PLC for multiple control heads and external devices

  • 4 language options: English, French,  Spanish, and Chinese

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