Ultra 6

Reverse osmosis filter with three-stage prefiltration and post-filtration with carbon and mineral postfilter.

Starts from: $8.99 per month*

* For a period of 144 months. Price includes installation and after-sales service for the entire duration.

Note that products can also be purchased in one complete payment.


  • The most economical model of high-quality filters.

  • It can be used for drinking water and technical use.

  • It includes mineral postfilter.

  • Removes unwanted contaminants and chemicals for better smelling and tasting water.

  • Gives you crystal clear pure refreshing water.

  • Use purified water to rinse fresh food and for cooking.

  • A good replacement to bottled water, leading to a cleaner environment.


  • Dimensions: 435x360x150 mm

  • Operating Temperature: 2-38C

  • Operating Pressure: 2,2-6,0 Bar

  • Maximum TDS: 1500 ppm

  • Feed Water PH Limits: 2-11

  • Maximum Chlorine Concentration: 0,3 ppm

  • Salt Rejection: 95%

  • Capacity: 75 GPD or 284 Liters

  • Storage Tank Volume: 12 liters

Kent Water's Promise

100% Pure Water

Cleaner Home, Dishes, & Clothes

Soft & Healthy Skin

Lower Utility Bill

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