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Residential Water Purification Solutions

Whole House Systems City

Whole House Treatment Systems
City Water

Kent Drop pro Connect.png

Kent DropPro - Water Softener

The DROPPro Connect is a water softener that offers comprehensive water treatment for your larger home. This model integrates with the DROP Hub smart water monitor and DROP App for 24/7 peace of mind.

Kent 5.0 Filter + Softener.png

Kent 5.0 Filter + Softener Duplex Tanks System

 starting from $48.95 per month

The most innovative and advanced water filtration and water softening system in the industry.

Kent 4.0 High-Efficiency.png

Kent 4.0 High-Efficiency Water Softener 

starting from $29.95 per month

Give your family and home quality water while preserving our earth's resources. With our high-efficiency water softener system, you will eliminate the negative effects of hard water and iron throughout your home.

Salt Free.png

Kent Salt-Free Water Softener 

starting from $29.95 per month

The most advanced descaling system for residential and light commercial use. These water softening systems are environmentally friendly as they are salt-free, and chemical free, and use no electricity to condition supply water.

Chlorine Chloramine removal.png

Kent Chlorine/Chloramine Removal Water Filter 

 starting from $20.95 per month

These are highly effective whole-house water filter systems designed to provide cleaner, safer water throughout your entire home. 

Whole House Water Treatment Systems
Well Water

Iron and sulfur removal system.png

Kent Iron & Sulfur Removal Water Filter

This system is a highly effective, meter-monitored, single-tank system designed to use ambient air to oxidize and remove iron, sulfur, and manganese.

RevV4 Twin Demand Water Softener

Rev V4 twin-demand water softeners are ideal for light commercial applications but can be used for residential configurations, giving you the confidence that you are receiving a cost-effective high-quality water treatment solution.

Automatic Ceramic Disc Backwash Pre Filter

Automatic Ceramic Disc Backwater Pre-Filter

These systems are designed to remove sediment down to 50 microns. They are ideal for residential applications such as floor heating systems, water heaters, washing machines, well water systems, & residential irrigation systems. 

Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Ultraviolet Disinfection System

The UV Disinfection system with integrated pre-filtration provides a reliable, economical, and chemical-free way to safeguard drinking water in any residential application.  

Whole House Systems Well

Under Sink Systems

UF 5 Water Filtration System

 UF 5 -Water Filtration System

starting from $9.95 per month*

UF-5 Water Filtration systems produce crystal clear, on-demand drinking water directly from the sink. It has 5
specialized stages of filtration to remove contaminants such as dirt, chlorine, heavy metals, and organic molecules.

NL 7.png


NL7 Reverse Osmosis  Water Filtration System

starting from $12.95 per month*

NL 7 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System produces crystal clear, on-demand drinking water directly from the faucet. It has 7 specialized stages of filtration to remove contaminants. In its final stage, The NL 7's remineralization cartridge adds essential minerals back into the water to improve taste and solubility.


Detergent Free Laundry

pureWash Pro

pureWash Pro

PureWash transforms the water going into your washing machine by infusing 100% safe, natural oxidation which dissolves and removes residue and
cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes your entire laundry.  It a
mazingly Cleans Clothes with Only Oxygen, and Little or No Detergent! 


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