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Kent Chlorine/Chloramine Removal Water Filter

Kent Chlorine/Chloramine Removal Water Filter

"A difference you can taste and smell"

Both chlorine and chloramine are effectively used as a disinfectant in public water supplies to provide disease-free tap water to your home. While this is a positive to the reduction of water borne diseases, there is also a negative.

The use of chlorine or chloramine leaves residual amounts that are absorbed through the pores of your skin; drying out your skin and hair. It is also inhaled as chlorinated vapors from the steam; increasing risk of asthma, bronchitis and cancer. The elements chlorine/chloramine removal systems safely and effectively remove these elements from your water; a difference you can taste and smell.

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  • Specification
  • Benefits
  • Pricing
  • Removes chlorine, chloramine, pesticides and heavy metals from your water.
  • Media is made in the USA.
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61 tested and approved activated or catalytic coconut carbon filter media used in each system.
  • Increases life of water softener media.


  • Size: 9x48, 10x44, 10x54, 12x52
  • Max Flow Rate: 6 to 12 gpm depending on the size.
  • Media Backwash Rate: 1 to 4 gpm gal depending on the size.
  • Grains Exchanged Per Lb.: 3,624.0


  • Transformer Input: 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Transformer Output: 12VDC / 2A
  • Water Pressure: 20-120 psi
  • Water Temperature: 35°F - 125° F
  • pH Level: 7.5 ± 0.5

Control Valve Parameters

  • Inlet: 1"
  • Outlet: 1"
  • Drain: 3/4 NPT 1/2" Barbed
  • Brine: 3/8"
  • Base: 2.5" - 8NPSM
  • Riser Tube: 32mm
  • Hard Water Bypass: Yes


  • Valve Material: ABS Plastic
  • Tank Material: Fiberglass
  • Valve Height From Top Of Tank: 7" / 180mm
  • Meter Accuracy: ±5%
  • Clock: 12- or 24- hour
Improved Taste and Odor

Eliminates the unpleasant taste and odor associated with chlorine and chloramine in tap water.

Healthier Drinking Water

Removes chlorine and chloramine, which can have potential health concerns, providing safer and healthier drinking water.

Reduced Disinfection Byproducts

Minimizes the formation of harmful disinfection byproducts, lowering health risks.

Gentler on Skin and Hair

Reduces the drying and irritating effects of chlorine and chloramine on skin and hair.

Protection of Household Appliances

Prevents accelerated corrosion of metal components in appliances, such as water heaters and dishwashers.

Environmental Benefits

Decreases the release of chlorine into the air during activities like showering, contributing to improved indoor air quality and a smaller environmental footprint.

Laundry Benefits

Helps maintain the color and quality of clothes by reducing chlorine-related discoloration.

Cost Savings

Reduces the need for bottled water or chlorine-removing tablets, saving money over time.


Can be integrated with other water treatment systems for comprehensive water purification.

Enhanced Property Value

Installation of Kent Chlorine/Chloramine Removal Water Filter can add value to your home, as water quality is often an important consideration for potential buyers.

$29.95 per month*

*For a period of 144 months (12 yrs)
  • Price includes installation.
  • Products can also be purchased in one complete payment.

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