Your Favorite Reverse Osmosis (RO) Alkaline Drinking Water System Now Available For Rent

Only for $8.99 per month*

(That's even less than the price of 2 water bottles a month)

Benefits of a RO System

  • You get delicious drinking water that everyone would love in your family.

  • You get non-contaminated alkaline water with a pH value of about 8.

  • You get pure water just where you need it, right at your kitchen sink and can be connected to your fridge dispenser.

How Much Water Can I Get?

The system delivers up to 75 litres of purified water per day. So, use clean water for more than just drinking:

  • Having crystal clear ice cubes

  • Boiling water when you cook food

  • Rinsing fruits and vegetables

  • Drinking water for your cat, dog, and other pets

Will I Feel The Difference?

Of course, you will. The taste of the following things will become better:

  • Coffee/Tea

  • Soup

  • Mixed Drinks

  • Homemade Sauces

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* Rental term of 10 years. Price includes installation and after-sales service for the entire duration.

Note that products can also be purchased in one complete payment.

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