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Our Solutions

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City Water (Urban Areas) Products

What's Your Requirement?

We have solutions for every need.

Install at one place, get clean water everywhere in the house.

Install in the kitchen, get clean water for drinking.

Install in the bathroom, get clean water for bathing.

Install in the laundry area, get an innovative, safe, and detergent-free method to wash clothes.

Whole House Systems

RevV4 HE Certified Water Softening System

An upgrade over regular RevV4 system designed for high-efficiency.

RevV4 Certified Water Softening System

An essential system for every house that is powerful yet cost-effective.

Chlorine/Chloramine Removal System

Our all-in-one solution for removing organic & inorganic compounds.


Under Sink Systems

Bluefilters UF 5 Ultra-Filtration System

The 5-stage filtration system ideal for any house.

Bluefilters RO 6 Reverse Osmosis System

An advanced 6-stage filtration system for extremely hard water.


Pure Water For Bathing

Shower Water Softening System

A unique, compact, and powerful water softener that is perfect for your house or recreational vehicle (RV).


Our Solution For Laundry


pureWash Pro

A breakthrough system that cleans your clothes with the oxygen (without any strong detergent), thereby safe for every member of the family and easy on the pocket.

Don't Know The Right Product For You?

Our experts can help you.