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Water Softeners

Its our mission to make your house shinier, your drinking water
tastier, your skin smoother and your clothes softer.
All while saving you $$ too!

Water Conditioning System

Treat your family & home to
beautifully softened water.

NSF certified RevV4 valves are designed to give you high water flow to handle most residential applications.

RevV4 valves have 7 advanced programming options with fully adjustable cycles to minimize water usage up to 70% during regeneration.

RevV4 utilize up-flow regeneration which efficiently washes the media and cut the salt requirement in half compared to traditional softeners.

Chlorine Removal

The Elements Chlorine Removal System is a highly effective at removing chlorine and chloramine from municipal water supplies.


Analyzes real-world operating conditions for optimal performance and efficiency.

RevV4 HE

Uses advanced media and is configured to use less water and salt over time.