The SIX Wonders of Kent Water

Purest Drinking Water

Great tasting water
Crystal Clear ice cubes
Good tasting coffee and tea
(more WOW!)

Shinier home

No residue left behind on glassware and crockery.
Lesser time to clean the house.
Less limescale on kitchen and bathroom
(More WOW)

Softer Skin

No soap residual on skin
More lather from simple soaps (as much lather as a bubble bath)
leading to fewer abrasive products on your skin
(More Time to Relax!)

Lower Utility bills

Descales pipe over time making your hot water system more efficient
​Reduction in products ​used ​​in your home, saves money​ and ​household appliances
(More Savings!)​

Increase Appliances Age

No hard water running through your appliances equals no limescale and no furred up heating elements
More efficient and long lasting appliances
(No More Limescale!)

Glossier Hair

Lifetime solution to bad hair days
Softened water​ that​ lathers better with products
​Softer, shinier and more manageable​ hair​
(Fewer Tangles!)​

Think Purity! Think Kent!

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Our products are engineered to provide the results you demand and deserve. Innovation, excellence, and high-performance are all hallmarks of Elements by Hankscraft.

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We use only the highest quality materials, manufacturing, and quality control processes to produce our products. We not only make them – we use them ourselves!

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Our products are relied upon by millions of people around the world. We consider it an essential part of our business to provide the very best customer support backed by an industry leading warranty.

Certification of Quality

Our dedication to our customers begins with a commitment to quality.

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