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Install at one place, get clean, odour-free water everywhere in the house.

Install in the kitchen, get clean water for drinking.

Get an innovative, safe, and detergent-free method to wash clothes.


Whole House Purification Systems For City Water


$34.99 per month

starting from $24.99 per month*

An essential system for every house that is powerful yet cost-effective.


$38.99 per month

starting from $28.99 per month*

An upgrade over a regular RevV4 system designed for high-efficiency.

The most advanced water softener valve in the industry.


$29.99 per month

 starting from $19.99 per month*

Our all-in-one solution for removing organic & inorganic compounds.


Salt-free iron, sulfur, and manganese removal system.


Sulfur Removal System

Catalytic-based hydrogen sulfide, chlorine/chloramine, and manganese removal system.


A twin-valve system that could deliver continuous soft water leveraging both valves.


A powerful system that could reduce the sediment count to 50 microns.

Whole House Well Water Purification Systems


Under Sink Systems


$20.99 per month

starting from $10.99 per month*

The 5-stage filtration system ideal for any house.

Kent Water - NL7.jpg


$22.99 per month

starting from $12.99 per month*

An advanced 7-stage filtration system for extremely hard water.

Detergent Free Laundry


A breakthrough system that cleans your clothes with the oxygen (without any strong detergent), thereby safe for every member of the family and easy on the pocket.

* Price includes installation and after-sales service for the entire duration.

Note that products can also be purchased in one complete payment.

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