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Kent DropPro Connect Water Softener

Kent DropPro Connect Water Softener

Need comprehensive water treatment for your larger home? No worries. We’ve got you covered. The DROP Professional Water Softener offers the same leak protection and excellent water quality as our smaller models, in a larger unit that features easy-to-service, two-piece construction. Integrates with the DROP Hub smart water monitor and DROP App for 24/7 peace of mind anywhere you go.

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As the name implies, water softeners primarily focus on softening your water by removing hardness-causing minerals and contaminants such as magnesium and calcium. While this is still a needed process, these contaminants are relatively not classified under water filtration.

Most softeners use salt at the primary ingredient for modifying the properties of water. Common house issues from water hardness include soap scum and water spots on water fixtures which can ultimately shorten the lifespan of common appliances.

Connected, Simple

Connected, Simple

You decide how you would like DROP to communicate with you notifications can be set up as emails, texts, or even push messages. Have a kid that tends to leave the water on? DROP can be configured to send you notifications when there is continuous water flow and if you want even to shut off the water after a period of time that you select.

Automatic Water Shutoff

Automatic Water Shutoff

DROP Leak Detectors are unique devices capable of detecting even the smallest water drops wherever they are placed. When paired with DROP Water Softeners and Water Filters, not only will you be notified of potential leaks, DROP will automatically shut off your water. Up to 32 leak detectors can be paired to your DROP Water System keeping you safe from water damage. The DROP Pro Water Softener comes with a bundle option of 2 Leak Detectors and the DROP Hub.

Hardness In Grains Per Gallon Drop GE Whirlpool Water Boss Culligan Rainsoft Eco Water
Softens Water 
Available in various sizes 
Provides ability to remotely bypass             
Provides low salt text messages             
Coordinates with water management system             
Senses Leaks             
Monitors Temperature             
Water Shutoff Capability             
Monitors Water Usage             
Communicates need for maintenance             
Simple App Based Setup             

The DropPro Connect comes standra in the following dimensions:

Product Dimensions SC-32
Depth Width Height
18 inches 27 inches 56 inches
Product Dimensions SC-48
Depth Width Height
18 inches 28 inches 62 inches
Product Dimensions SC-54
Depth Width Height
18 inches 30 inches 60 inches
Automatic Leak Protection
  • Patented piston design shuts off water automatically in case of leaks.
  • Saves thousands on undiscovered water leaks and damage.
  • Customizable notifications for added convenience.
Boost Hair, Nail & Skin Health
  • Eliminates hard water minerals for softer, smoother hair, skin, and nails.
  • It eases dryness, resulting in smoother, more manageable hair, fewer split ends, less dry skin, and robust, less flaky nails.
Cleaner Dishes
  • Soft water results in 6x cleaner dishes and saves on your detergent costs by up to 70%.
  • Maximize the benefits of air drying, which works best with softened water and save on your electricity bill by opting not to utilize the dishwasher's heating feature.
Better Tasting Water
  • Ion exchange process removes calcium, magnesium, and traces of iron and manganese.
  • Enjoy improved water quality and better taste.
Save Money
  • Prolongs appliance lifespan, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Decreases soap, shampoo, and detergent usage.
  • Clothes stay vibrant and last longer.
  • With no harsh deposits left by the water, you’ll save on time and the cost of cleaning agents to remove them, making this a smart, cost-effective investment for your household.
The DROP App
  • Real-time alerts and notifications that keep you constantly updated about your water usage and system status.
  • Easy-to-use for monitoring and troubleshooting.
Demand Initiated Regeneration
  • Uses up to 25% less salt and water than older water softeners by monitoring your water usage and only regenerating when necessary.
Treatment Bypass
  • Using the DROP app you can bypass treatment at any time, so you can avoid wasting treated water on tasks such as watering the lawn.
Property Value Enhancement
  • Installing a Kent DropPro Connect Water Softener can enhance your property's value by extending appliance lifespan, increasing energy efficiency, improving plumbing systems, and offering enhanced water quality and convenience, all of which are attractive features for potential buyers.

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