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Kent 4.0 Twin Demand Water Softener

Kent 4.0 Twin Demand Water Softener

  • Continuous soft water supply ensured by twin-tank design
  • Consistent water pressure maintained throughout the home
  • Efficient water regeneration through alternating tanks
  • Reduced salt usage due to demand-based regeneration
  • Extended appliance lifespan by preventing scale buildup
  • Customizable regeneration settings based on water hardness
  • Enhanced water quality with removal of hardness minerals

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Benefits of Well Water Softener Systems

Invest in a well water softener for cleaner, healthier water and a more efficient home.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a water softener if I live in a well water area?

    The need for a water softener in a well water area depends on the hardness of the water. Well water can vary in hardness levels, with some areas having higher concentrations of minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause hardness. Testing your well water is the best way to determine if a water softener is necessary to address any hardness issues and improve water quality.
  • What are the signs of hard water in well water?

    Signs of hard water in well water can include soap scum buildup in sinks and showers, limescale deposits on faucets and fixtures, dry or itchy skin after bathing, and spots on dishes and glassware.
  • What are the differences between salt-based and salt-free water softeners?

    Salt-based water softeners use ion exchange to remove minerals, while salt-free systems use alternative technologies like template-assisted crystallization (TAC). Salt-free systems are often preferred for their low maintenance and eco-friendliness.
  • How do I know if my well water is hard?

    Testing your well water for hardness is the most accurate way to determine its hardness level. At Kent Water Purification Systems, we offer free water testing services to help you determine the hardness level of your well water. Simply reach out to us, and our experts will provide you with a comprehensive analysis, ensuring accurate results.
  • Can a water softener remove sulfur odor from well water?

    While water softeners can effectively remove hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium, they may not eliminate sulfur odor from well water. For effective sulfur odor removal, consider additional filtration options such as Kent Water's Iron & Sulfur Removal Water Filter.
  • Can I install a water softener for my entire home if I have well water?

    Yes, water softeners can be installed for whole-house well water treatment to address hardness issues throughout your home's plumbing system. However, it's essential to select a water softener specifically designed for well water applications and ensure proper sizing and installation for optimal results.

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